Sunday, January 24, 2016

Loving New York

It has been two weeks since I was privileged to travel to Jamaica Queens, NY to help with an evangelism seminar.

I know most of you who know me and read the word evangelism did a bit of a double-take, so let me explain.

A few months ago, I watched Father of Lights for the first time. It was the only one of the series I hadn’t seen and God’s timing must have been just right because I just cried and cried over the people healed and saved. I saw their eyes light up as they felt love, sometimes for the first time. It encouraged me and made me hungry so I started watching Youtube videos of people like Todd White on the street or teaching about evangelism.

Laurie and I at the end of a day of exploration.
My friend and mentor, Laurie Ditto was part of an intense evangelism trip called Love NY and while she was gone, I was praying for her. Through that trip, she was invited to come back to a wonderful little church there. When I found out, I had a crazy idea. I asked if I could pay my way and go along to observe, serve and pray. She said yes…and then said that I also had to preach so people could get to know me. She gave me some guidelines and I prepared a nice little testimony and then we flew out on a Thursday.

I need to say, I spent the majority of the weekend being pushed out of my comfort zone and loved every minute of it. As we drove the Lord spoke. In the meetings, the Father talked to me. During my quiet times, He challenged me. With time away by myself, I got a big ole download about my life, my present and a bit about my future.

Then we went out on the street my last day there. It was nerve-wracking and wonderful all at once. I got to share with a few people and pray with a few more. I got to watch people who are naturals love on those we met. I learned SO much.

And then the demon-possessed man pushed his way into our group. We were praying for and talking with a lovely woman standing well over six feet. She was very open to the Lord and ready to pray the prayer when this man jumped in our circle. He tried to intimidate us with his yelling and cussing and getting our faces, but the Holy Spirit was strong and he found no fear to feed on so he finally left.

Praying for people the night I preached and after my friend
shared her testimony of when the Lord took her to hell.
In the midst of the weekend, Father made it clear that He had a different message than the one I had carefully prepared, printed and practiced. It was more real and impactful than anything I could ever come up with on my own. No time to practice or prepare but it was His words so it flowed.

I was so blessed by the church we were there to love and serve. Their faithfulness in a dark place. Their beauty and fervency for the Lord. Their desire to see a city filled with people from all nations SAVED for Him!

The result of this trip is my desire to push into praying for and talking to people about the love of God. My strongest desire is to obey Him no matter what others think. How will they know if I don’t tell them? Time is short, I cannot possibly ignore those who are hurting and lost. God help this introvert!

To end, everyone should hear my friend Laurie's testimony. It is powerful and will make you think twice about allowing anyone you know to die without sharing about the love of Jesus. You can watch it here but be prepared to be challenged and changed!