Why Adoption Consultation?

Even though I had worked in international adoption for twelve years, we chose to work with Christian Adoption Consultants (CAC) when my family and I started our own adoption journey. Yes, I understood many aspects adoption intimately, but when you are in the middle of the process it is emotional and there are dozens of decisions to be made along the way. Having someone to discuss everything from fundraising to whether or not we should take our girls to pick up our baby was invaluable. Also one of the agencies suggested by CAC is the very one who called us with the referral of our son. We are so grateful!

It is true that adoption can be confusing, time consuming, and financially overwhelming, BUT with the right support adoption can be a rewarding experience!

Benefits of using a Consultant:

  • Shorter Wait Time – adoptions with the services of a professional consultant typically take less than 6-10 months.
  • Education and Guidance through the process - I will provide individualized consultation and a step-by-step reference manual to help guide you from your first questions about adoption until your adoption is finalized.
  • Multiple Agency Networking – you will have access to agencies and attorneys in adoption-friendly states who are both trustworthy and provide quality services to birth and adoptive families.
  • Financial Advice – I will help you understand the resources available to you to assist you in making wise financial decisions as well as save you time and money.
  • Experienced Professional Guidance - I will be available to advise you on the warning signs and help you find the right agency and adoption situation for your family.

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